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Semonics monitors YOUR website's Popularity, Ranking & SEARCH POSITION. Semonics is the smarter,easier & ELEGANT WAY to measure your internet MARKETING SUCCESS.
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Position Monitoring

Monitors your website's positions on multiple search engines at once, including country specific and vertical searches. Helps to measure effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Page Ranks Monitoring

Monitors and notifies about Google PageRank changes.

Backlinks Monitorings

Monitors links toward your site and notifies about new links from high ranked sites. Such links increase your site ranking for search engines.

Indexed Pages Monitoring

Monitors amount of web pages indexed by search engines.

Ranking Monitoring

Monitors your website ranking in world most famous ranking systems like Alexa, Compete and others.

Social Bookmarks Monitoring

Monitors Social Bookmarks and reports in case of any user bookmarks your site in any of them. This service monitors following Social Bookmarking systems -, Digg, Furl and many others

Why Search Engine Monitoring?

How is your website doing on the search engines? Want to continuously measure and improve your site rankings on Google and other major search engines? Want to track your Internet marketing campaign success? Need tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)?

Why Semonics?

Semonics (Search Engines Rankings Monitoring) service provides you with an affordable solution to measure your website success. The popularity metrics track your web presence and enable informed actions. In addition to other Monitis monitoring services it will provide indispensable value for website owners by providing tools tailored to promote their website, increase reach and boost online sales.
Semonics is a web service; you don't need to worry about installation or maintenance. All your website metrics are available on customizable dashboard rich user interface. Semonics can be used together with other Monitis services such as website traffic, performance and availability monitoring and web analytics.

Who uses Semonics?

The primary target is Marketing, PR and sales specialists, business owners and Webmasters who need to have continuous visibility of the corporate website popularity and ranking, and related events.

How it works?

Semonics monitors your website position in major search engines result pages (SERPs) like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask and others. It also measures associated metrics associated with your site popularity such as backlinks, indexed pages, Google PageRank. These are all important metrics which must be monitored during any search engine optimization project.
Finally it monitors and notifies about online marketing and PR events ? for example newly published article or blog post with the link to your company website. Monitis also enables competitive analysis

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* - one keyword/search engine/URL is considered as one monitor, as well as each SE/URL in backlinks, index pages, pageranks
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